Welcome to Ascension Minds. There are quite a few sites on ascension. Many seem to be geared towards Lightworkers and Starseeds. So please understand that Ascension Minds is geared towards humanity. This means the curious and seekers as well as Lightworkers, Starseeds and the wise looking for a better life and world. All come from the same Source, so it's a site for all who are ready for it. Anyone who'd like to share what Ascensionminds provides is certainly welcome, because bringing awareness to those in the world who are ready for it is what we're about. However we said "share", not engage in plagiarism to collect funds like so many fake spiritual social media charlatans do.

You should also know we have no desire to go over the heads of anyone with terminology people can't understand, so we'll always speak in terms everyone can. Understanding is why we're here, and simplicity is our goal. Since you're here, you've most likely already heard of Mother Earth ascending into another dimension, or "reality" as we like to call it. So why is Ascension Minds significant? Understanding is why, so that we may assist in everyone making as smooth of a transition as possible.

If you're a seeker seeking a smooth as possible transition, feel free to frequent this site anytime you desire. It's quite often that people read something once that assists their vibrations, then return back to their old ways which they intended to ascend out of. Ascension is a process of elevating and staying in that elevated place. So feel free to visit daily if this helps you stay in that elevated place.

In order to live in a certain environment, we must understand that environment. To live in the tropics we must have an understanding of the tropics. To live in the mountains or jungle we'd have to have an understanding of the ways of the mountains or jungle. We'd have to know which way the wind blows, how the plants grow and where the water flows in these places. We'd have to have a mind for it. Once we have an understanding these things, life would be the ultimate pleasure. Assisting in providing this understanding (as well as tools for it) is Ascension Minds' purpose. Due to this we not only provide lessons and videos, but music, art, nature sounds, health information, hidden chambers and more.

Our reality is that we're ascending into what many call the "5th dimension", and like the tropics, mountains and jungle, we must have the mind for that too. Ascension Minds is based on the understanding of what we are and where we're going, while providing the tools to merge with this. This ascension is the process of becoming fully conscious beings. Ascension Minds has been created as a foundation for taking the next step in higher consciousness, so we welcome you with love. We also have an "ASCENSIONMINDS TOPICS" page, as well as video and audio files covering additional topics and concerns of those seeking answers. We thank all of you for coming, from the Ascended Masters, Lightworkers & Starseeds, to the unaware Seekers, so feel free to explore. Love & Light to all....and your support is truly appreciated. This is Ascension Minds.