Ascension is a process where your body is quite literally changing. Every particle and part of your body is becoming cosmic. We promised to use the simplest terminology for all to understand, so we won’t use terms like “molecular structure on a subatomic level”, but we will explain like this. Within you is a door that’s linked to a greater you. This door is a natural part of you meant to be open, but has been shut your entire life. The hinges on your door are heavy and stiff, while the edges around it are full of cobwebs and rust from never being used. In simple terms…….you’ve been asleep.

Well for the first time in many generations, your door is opening. When it does, you will be fully awake. You will know who and what you are, and will posses gifts many thought were only possible in fictional stories. But the process of this door opening can come with many symptoms as the hinges of your door becomes lighter, and the cobwebs give way. We suggest anyone feeling symptoms have a check up, but once you’re cleared with doctors seeing no apparent causes for your symptoms, you can be assured that they’re ascension symptoms. You’re experiencing DNA activation. You are a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Below is a list of 20 common symptoms that can be a part of this transmutation process. There are more, and these symptoms can vary depending on the individual. An example of why would be this. Let’s say the natural specs for every human being ascending had to be 150lbs exactly, and 6ft tall with 1 inch nails in order to walk through the ascension door. People over 6ft would naturally experience getting shorter and being crunched down in height, while those shorter would naturally feel an upward pulling sensation. Those under 150lbs would experience an increase in appetite, while those over would experience a decrease. Both types feeling pulling sensations within their nails would probably be a shared symptom with most. This metaphorical example is fiction used to explain this process, but the actual symptoms of ascension are very real and factually correspond. They can at times be very uncomfortable, and often mentally more than physically when we don’t understand what’s happening to us. Some of these symptoms are listed below as …

  1. A change in appetite

This is an important one to understand, and can help explain the other 19 symptoms that follow below. You are experiencing DNA activation. When you build a house, there’s a time for every part of the building process. There’s a point when the construction crew brings in the wood, and starts the framing.  There’s a point when they ’ll lay the concrete, then the piping for plumbing, and wiring for electrical flow, just as they’ll be a time for laying the tile, buffering, putting in your new pool and so on. Your body quite literally has its own construction crew within it, so learn to listen to them. They’re master builders placed within you by the most divine, and each desire you get within you is no more than your inner crew doing their bio reconstruction job. It’s a big one…and they’re working around the clock to get your new house done, so you can be a happy you.

There may be times when your inner crew asks for more food, or maybe something sweet, or perhaps more water. They’re mixing the concrete and need it. There may be times when they tell you to not have something you once loved. You’ll know when they do, because you’ll have no desire for it, and this may seem strange because this might be something you’ve always loved. These changes in desires for certain foods is simply because it’s concrete laying time, or pipe laying time, and corresponding changes can occur with all the other 19 symptoms listed below, as well as appetite.

  1. Weight loss or gain
  2. Fatigue
  3. Dizziness
  4. Anxiety
  5. Muscle spasms
  6. Neck and back pain
  7. Heart palpitations
  8. Heightened senses
  9. Ringing in the ears
  10. Changes in perception of time
  11. Headaches
  12. Extreme highs and lows accompanied by great sensitivity
  13. Moments of Increases in energy
  14. Pressure on the top of the head, as well as back and between the eyes
  15. A desire to go home…as though there’s a place beyond Earth you’d rather be
  16. A loss of a sense of personal identity
  17. Strange dreams
  18. Literally feeling parts of the brain remodeling itself
  19. Tingling in the head or scalp

All of the symptoms above are a part of this ascension process. This is a transition, and the best ways to help your transition become as smooth as possible is to meditate, drink water, have plenty of (organic if possible) fruits and vegetables, exercise, research, listen to soothing music, stay clean, breathe deeply,get out into nature, and simply learn to be at peace within by

setting up routine relaxation time for yourself. You’re in the process of discovering the greater unknown you, so remember that you’re not alone in this, and that laughter is one of the best ways to help a transition become a lot smoother.