D N A   A C T I V A T I O N

Dna activation may be a term you’ve probably heard before if you’re seeking answers to ascension. We at Ascension Minds call it “Dna Awakening”, and we could just as easily call it Dna Plug in, or re-plug in. Why? Because you are going from a 2 to more than 2 strand dna plug in. This process has manifested in the Ascension Symptoms so many are experiencing. This new plug~in is what you was designed to come with in your original packaging, and was a part of your original start up menu. These other unplugged plugs still remain, and is what many in the scientific community refer to as “junk dna”, because they can’t seem to find a purpose for it with their current state of consciousness. It’s very much like some electronical device with 2 plugs plugged in, yet multiple additional plugs sitting in the corner of the box, being called "junk" because you don't know where it goes or what it does. You could also equate it to having a car and being told “drive, reverse, your doors, car seats, trunk, mirrors, horn, windows, lights, gas pedal and breaks don’t matter”, and the only thing that does matter is being in park or neutral. In essence what does this mean? Go nowhere..

You’re awakening these additional strands in full because it is connected to the cosmos, and is a link, and doorway to ascension once awakened. We’re keeping things as simple as possible here at Ascension Minds because we want to keep things as understandable as possible for those just awakening to the ascension process, so you may find us explaining things differently from others. We may tell the story differently, but it’s the same story, just from another angle or perspective for the sake of simplicity. There won’t be a lot of technical jargon here, since we like to keep it as simple as we can here at Ascension Minds…..yet it will work the same. In many cases...far better. A lot of this talk can become very confusing and even annoying for those who don’t understand it. This is because the only way to understand something you don’t know, is by explaining it through something you already do know. The problem in truly getting an understanding of ascension out into the world, is that many are using things people already don’t know, to explain to them more things they don’t know. So we’ll use things most understand, with hopes that all who’ll pass this information on will do the same. We also urge you to trust your own inner voice when it comes to such things, because many are using this ascension process as nothing more than a conduit for making money, and care nothing for your well being while claiming they do. So we’ll start with a basic and as simple as possible understanding of dna, but it won’t be as materialistic as most would explain it, because it’s not about the dna for us, but what causes it. Your dna is a door. Opening this door so the light can shine through so you may merge with this light that’s the true you is the goal.

So what is dna? In scientific terms, dna stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s a bit like the frame of the frame that makes you, and the micro bio lab that causes all that you are biologically, yet it’s far more spiritual than most of science depicts. If you looked in a mirror and wanted the image of you in the mirror to move, you’d have to move the you standing in front of the mirror causing the reflection of you that’s in the mirror. Dna awakening is needed for this same reason. To awaken your access to the higher realms within yourself, you must awaken your dna, because it is linked to these realms. The you that you’re experiencing in 3d terms is only a reflection. Understanding these reflecting layers of you is the key to ascending to higher dimensions. When you understand that the image in the mirror actually isn’t you, you gain the understanding and ability to move things reflecting in the mirror by being in touch with and moving their cause. As you become one with the cause of each reflecting dimension, you touch the power of that dimension which is causing the reflection. As you touch the power of that dimension fully, you have the ability to merge and ascend to it….and enter in and out of this one at will.

Once you fully merge with that dimension, you can shed the 3 dimensional one fully, and simply dwell in this higher dimension. There’s a dimension reflecting that realm as well. As you peel away each layer, you will eventually spiral upward to the source that causes every realm. Since all 3rd dimensional things are of a slower lower vibratory frequency of light, to begin to touch and use this light are the first steps towards Ascension…until you become so linked with it, that you actually become light. Then you will have entered into full Ascension.

Why is awakening your dna important? Because it is the house of it, and we’re going from a 2 strand to multiple strand dna awakening. We say “Awakening” because it’s already there. A gate to the 5th dimension is opening, and you must be able to house this 5th dimensional frequency in order to ascend into it. You want to start your awakening process now, because if you don’t, it will be like a ripping effect when these energies fully open up to Mother Earth, and this is something you don’t want. This is why so many speak of meditating daily, and why we use this term “Awakening”. You want to be open to it when it occurs by starting what we so often term “Dna Activation”. It’s another way of saying… ”start your engines”, so you’re fully ready when the flag is lowered and the energies start racing in. These energies are coming to enter into you, and you know what energy does when it clashes with a closed door. We often refer to these as "ascension symptoms". These higher dimensional energies are coming to fill you up like a balloon being filled with helium to raise you up into the next dimension. So it’s wise to tune into it as much as you can now, so that your door is opened (or at least partially) so there’s no crash or busting down of hinges. Your door is your dna, but your key is your mind. Ascend your mind, and your dna will follow by awakening. These energies are nothing more than another aspect of you. People are far more than they could ever imagine.

There’s a lot of talk out there about dna activation, but there’s nothing more important to understand than this. Your mind is the most powerful thing you posses. It is the awakener and alarm clock of your dna. So with all this it's vital to know that your dna is an effect of your true being. Not the cause. Your strands and how many you awaken is a result of the level of consciousness you dwell in...not the origin of it.

It’s understandable if people would like to hear more technological jargon about dna, codes and dimensions, and even though “jargon” may sound like the wrong word to use since much of that kind of information is vital and true, it’s still jargon if we don’t understand that knowing our minds and our link to infinity must be understood first…because all the other information we receive is housed & wheeled by the Infinite mind. Your mind only reveals to you what you are capable of, or it wouldn’t reveal it. Learning to play as though you are the miraculous things it reveals to you is what’s needed, and the ability to morph into what it reveals will awaken within your dna. Meditation is vital along with cleansing, though we prefer the term “mediplaytion”, because Learning to play is the greatest way to awaken your dna.

There’s more concerning our dna, biology, mind, current times and our link to the upper realms, which we’ll be updating in our Ascensionminds Topics page, for those who like to get a bit more technical. Know this though. Mediplaytion will open up and lead you to all you need. As logical as it seems to want to understand everything, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with understanding and finding every minor detail, but rather find the balance between the left and right side of our brains, and every minor detail….will find us! This balance will give us the ability to feel what we desire, which will open the doors of access to desire without us constantly looking for it. Those "constantly looking" rather than balancing the seeked desires with feeling tend to look to the left as that which they desire lands on the right. They turn to the right as soon as it flies off to land on their left. The truth is they'll never find nor see it no matter where or how much they look. It's wise for one to learn that their power to feel is real. Once one does and learns to use it they'll see that all desired answers will land in front of them no matter where they look, because all the answers you desire is in everything. To see it in everything, we must unlock it within ourselves.

One of the twists to understand is that many feel they must activate their dna in order to use their higher potential. The truth is…they must use their higher potential in order to activate their dna. Play and Mediplaytion is the greatest for activation when our understanding is clear. See the wires that seem useless in the corner of your dna box awakening, and joining your double strand helix. All things originate from pure mind and energy before becoming visually visible. Your sleeping dna is like deflated balloons, and mind & energy is what fills it.

So where does it begin? All things have a central core. This includes your dna. Most people are blocked from access to the central core of things and themselves. At that core is the true~self, and infinite energy. It is the "I" in you. That in itself is another lesson. However when the blocks from our central core are removed, we are awakened, and this is only the start of creation, remaking, and healing everything and anything. Here is where your deflated (so called “junk”) dna is filled up like helium in a balloon, and rises to integrate with those plugs in the corner of your box. This is where illness and aging stops, and regeneration, health, consciousness and ascension awakens. You will simply know things, and there’s no special trick to this, because the central core has access to all information, and you’ll have access to the central core. When we awaken access to the central core within ourselves, we can then awaken it in all, which results in the assistance of planetary ascension.