F I R S T   C O N T A C T

What is “FIRST CONTACT”? There’s been plenty of contact on Mother Earth. These contacts have been with the bodies that run countries and with many individual citizens of Mother Earth. There are no restrictions of contact when it comes to status. Anyone who’s open to it can have it. But the “FIRST CONTACT” term we speak of here is about contact on a mass level, and this time is approaching fast. Very fast!! This first contact we speak of is something the world will be aware of, and not the select few only.

When will first contact occur? It will occur when people are ready, and it’s important for people to be ready as soon as possible. Why is it significant? There are two major reasons. The first is because it represents a cosmic awakening of all the citizens of Mother Earth. This means it marks the start of a Golden Age, and the start of the Ascension of the minds of all, because the mental landscape of the souls incarnating on Earth has been restricted to a frequency barrier that has limited them from touching anything outside of a small mental box of deception. This will all change with first contact. For the first time Earth humans will truly understand how small they really are, which will make their lives infinitely bigger than they’ve ever dreamed possible.

The second reason first contact is so important, is because major changes will occur on Mother Earth’s surface. Her landscape will change as continents will rise and sink. Earth’s current leaders are not capable of assisting the masses when these events occur. It’s our cosmic families from “out there” as well as the elders of Inner Earth who will. You can find more on such things in our other Topics as well as links to more information in Realms. You should know though, that the end results to first contact and our full Ascension will be far greater than any promise land ever dreamed of.

So what should you do if you’d like to assist in this process? Start by staying open to it if you haven’t already. Speak of it with no fear to the open minded. THE TIME IS NOW, and there’s no need to fear being mocked or having eggs thrown at you. This is happening very soon, so anyone who would call you “foolish” or “crazy” will very soon be sayingyou “was right!”

We’re also aware of the fact that some of you may have homes you’ve worked very hard for, and material things you may be concerned about losing in the process of these planetary changes. Don’t! Any material thing you could possibly lose in this process of Mother Earth’s Ascension will be replaced with things greater than anything you could possibly imagine with a 3rd dimensional mind.    

Who are some of those of the Cosmos and Inner Earth we will become acquainted with? More than we can reveal here, but these are a few who play major roles with our current Ascension.



The Galactic Federation of Light ~ Pleiadeans ~ Sirians

Centaurians ~ Andromedans ~ Agarthans ~ Lyrans ~Pegasians

Would it shock you if I mentioned worlds in our own system? Or other Universes?


Understand that our Universe is as vast as our minds, and we tend to experience what we perceive, and where we vibrate. Our Universe is full of neighborhoods and endless amounts of beings just as our world is, because our world dwells in one of these neighborhoods and is a part of the Cosmic whole. You can also find naughty beings just as you can find naughty humans, or neighborhoods you’d prefer not to be in. We speak on this in understanding energy.

Most of the visitors are here to uplift this world, and Earth has been a cosmic free ground for a long time. So always use your intuition, but understand that it’s not as complex as some make it. You use this intuition daily with people or neighborhoods you pass. You know when you’re in a friendly place or not, just as you know the difference between a garden and a swamp. Earth is ascending to a Full blown Garden of Beauty, and there are a few who prefer swamps. No worries though, because the mass majority want the Garden, and will get it.

So with all you communicate with on a face to face, telepathic, or channeled level, you may use your Garden/Swamp screen. See & feel the most beautiful garden. Merge with this garden of boundless unity, beauty, and love. Then feel the being you are communicating with. If their energy doesn’t fit that of one who could dwell in your divine garden, have no fear, and lovingly release your connection with them.

Why are so many here? Well, you could say….”This is where the party’s at!”, and a very exciting time. That’s what Ascension is…and many want to be a part of this party, and have prepared for it for a long time. Even many of those known as the “bad ones”, are flipping to the good side. So enjoy this party preparation, because you happily got a ticket for it long ago, and nothing will Stop it!