Forgiveness is a major part of ascension. Ascension in itself is a rising of vibration. As we awaken, many of us will become aware of the wrong doings in our lives. Mistreatment from many areas in life will become clear, and quite often many forms of this mistreatment may come from deceptions and lies. Being told we can’t when we can, or that we aren't when we are. That something isn't when it is, or is when it isn't.

This mistreatment can come from many areas and individuals in our lives. Anyone from your leaders, to your teachers, lovers, and friends. Quite often the most painful life long after effects that have hindered us in life is when they come from your own siblings, and most of all parents. Parents reach the height of the list because what they teach you of yourselves, and how they treat you with these teachings is usually the triggering foundation to all other abusive relationships that follow. For a parent who teaches you to humbly acknowledge the fact that you're worthy of the most high manifests in their child the mind~set of accepting nothing less than the most high.

No matter what has occurred in your life, be it physical or mental abuse...know this. There is nothing you can not know. There is nothing within divinity you cannot do. No matter what contrary things you may have been told. And once ascended, you will be able to manifest things in an instant which would have taken you years in the lower 3rd dimensional existence.

So why is forgiveness important in order to ascend?

Imagine a beach ball. It floats above the water. Now imagine a brick. It sinks. Now understand that the level above the water which the beach ball floats on is the 5th dimension. Bricks simply can't dwell there since they can't float. But understand that you can, because you are this divine beach ball. The bricks however are the mistreatments tied by ropes to the beach ball that you are. The only way to rise to the 5th dimensional realm of conscious awakened joys is to cut those bricks loose. And the only way to cut those ropes which attach the bricks is to forgive, because forgiveness is the blade that severs those ropes and releases you to float above to the 5th dimension.

Understand that forgiveness is the release of past mistreatment, not the embracing of them. It's a learning and graduation from them, not the evading of them. It is easy to release them once we realize they have no power over us. To rise to the 5th dimension, you need a 5th dimensional mind. The 5th dimensional mind is a mind these things can't touch, because it's a mind that forgives...severing all affecting connections to these lower vibrational things. They become shivering little mice who can't reach the 5th dimensional surface you dwell on, and fear the very concept of it.

In many cases, you may have been one who has been abusive. It's often that those who've been hurt mirror it by hurting others. It's vital to forgive those who've done wrong deeds to you, as well as yourself if you've done wrong deeds to others, and especially if you've done them to yourself. You've hurt no one in these situations except you. Forgive yourself, by hurting and judging no more. These are bricks to let go of, and when we do...ascension then follows. This understanding is how we obtain our Ascension Minds.