What is Love? How do you see it? It’s something we hear of quite often in this ascension process. We're told that we should be in it, as well as give and embrace it. We're told that we should love the world and our fellow human beings. It's not an easy thing for most, and this is understandable. This is only because we haven't created a foundation for love. One cannot force love. How can you look at a stranger and decide to love them? Yet this is a vital part of ascension. So here at Ascension Minds we will help assist in this process. All it takes is understanding.

What is "love"? Love is the most powerful fuel in the Universe. How does it manifest?  We begin with understanding love, in order to understand how it manifests...and there's no better way to understand love than through the things we already love. What do you love? Do you love your children? Do you love your home? How about your job or car? Perhaps you love your dog or cat? Maybe you love your computer, phone, or some other electronic device of yours. You may even love a certain piece of clothing or footwear you posses. Maybe you love a place you once lived, or even a memory. We may love most of the above, but loving love is the foundation to loving all.

No matter what it is you love, the same underlying cause is always behind it. And it's quite simple. We "love"... what we put our hearts into. This is why it's so easy for a mother to love her child. She put her heart into it for nine months. Are there mothers who don't love their children? Certainly there are. They didn't put t heir hearts into it. This same truth applies to fathers who don't. Their hearts weren't into it as well. These are parents who would have preferred having children with someone else, or simply weren't ready for it. There are also parents who didn't love, but end up loving. They wonder how they ever could have considered not having that child. These are mothers or fathers who end up putting their hearts into it.

So what do you love? Truly think on it. It doesn't matter if it's your child, friend, lover, car, home, dog, cat, or favorite electronic device. I guarantee you put your heart into it. We put our hearts into things we feel has something to do with us. Quite often we feel the stranger or world doesn't. Yet if this world crumbled, you'd crumble with it...along with the stranger. This World and Universe has everything to do with us...because it is us. You learned to understand your favorite device because you can interact with and touch it. You learned to interact with it and touch it by interacting with it and touching it. You feel a part of you through it. And as said in our "Bless Mother earth" tip in our Raising Vibrations section...our earth and all strangers dwelling here are affected by your signals too. Put your heart into it, because your relationship and power with this is greater than any device you have. Understand this with every stranger you see...and you'll find there are no strangers. I assure you...you will love, and quite easily. Why? Because you'll then be putting your heart into it.

As spoken of in "NEW GIFTS & ENERGY", these strangers are the minds whose materialized thoughts you wear in your garments, and use in your most loved devices. They are the creators of the car or home you love, or the designers of the clothing supplied to the child, friend or lover you love. We all play this role with one another, and are more unified than most of us can begin to imagine. If you doubt this, then let every stranger and all that they've ever created vanish. Are you ready for your monitor and these words to disappear? Let there be nothing but you, dirt, and sky. It wouldn't take long before you'd scream for them to return. And when they did...you'd love with a new passion and understanding beyond anything you've ever dreamt possible.

So put your heart into it, because to someone...you are a stranger too. Love, and you'll find strangers beginning to magically love you. You'll find hearts and consideration opening up from individuals you've never seen or met before. Yet you're meeting them right now through your own understanding. Understand that it is YOU who awakens to this, so this "love", begins with loving you! Here's where you awaken to the understanding that this is the truth at the core of every living being... so there are and never were any strangers. How could they be if the same thing in you is in them? This segment is called, "LOVE & LIGHT". Put your heart and awareness into every one and thing in your life, because the love that "YOU" will manifest from it.... is the "light", and ascension.

Understand that we are not suggesting you force yourself or ascending ways upon people. You won't have to. We're simply saying it's wise to stay in your own frequency of happiness, inner peace and love no matter who you come across, or whether these strangers have found theirs or not. They simply need a spark the same way you have, and the fastest way to initiate that love in others is to be in your own field of love. Put your heart into it. Put your heart into you....and you'll find others doing the same. It's very easy to love others when they do.  When we understand this, it's even easier to love them before they do. We can't force fake love upon people because this is just an act, and we can't sustain an act. But we can be in our own love field, so we won't need to act, and people will naturally and lovingly react to it. This is how we light the flame of love within people....causing them to light it in others. This is the way of an ascended mind.