What is a Lightworker? What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are souls who've voluntarily incarnated from other Worlds specifically for the purpose of assisting in the ascension process of Mother Earth.

Lightworkers are souls assisting in this same process, though they may not have been from another world in their previous incarnation. Unless wavered, all starseeds are lightworkers, but not all lightworkers are starseeds. In the highest truth we are all of the stars, and will have the opportunity to have lifetimes on many wondrous worlds throughout our cosmos. It's just that at this current time some souls are individuals who've dwelled in a different neighborhood than Earth in our Universe. No one is greater than the other and both are working together for the same cause to achieve the same results.

Understanding Equality

It's a new awakening for the world that starseeds exist and are real, with many of them not yet having full recall of where they came from and the fact that they actually are starseeds. With this realization many are beginning to wonder if they are starseeds themselves.

It's important to understand at this point of ascension that being a lightworker is more important than being a starseed. It's understandable that those who are just finding out they're starseeds may get excited at the concept of being from another world, but to be a starseed and never assist in the ascension process doesn't matter in the least. Assisting doesn't mean going out into the world on some massive mission, but simply being in and presenting your light and love at all times, anywhere you are.

For those who aren't starseeds but simply lightworkers, it's important to understand they're equally significant in this play. Their deeds are the fuel that drives in a new era. For those who aren't lightworkers or starseeds, you may be the most important of all if you take up your staff of light and decide to work it. You will lift the world, because it takes all three types to come together as a unified whole, and without you there is no whole or success. The spot~light is on you for being the changing tide. To already have that light programmed to flicker within as a starseed or lightworker is a wonderful thing, but to have it awaken from nothingness is the magic of the source. Being a lightworker is not something you have to read about and view as some private club between lightworkers and starseeds. It's your divine right and the very reason for this process. This is "Understanding Equality", because this wonderful story can't be without the three...unified as one. Here's where we all become the Supreme's Starseeds.