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Ascensionminds movie suggestions is created for those ascending to a higher vibration of consciousness, who no longer get anything out of mindless entertainment purposely designed by the lower forces to keep the masses in an unconscious state of sleep. It is often that as one awakens they begin to see with their inner spiritual eye, and become conscious of the deceptive illusion. As this occurs, they begin to become aware of the fact that forms of entertainment such as movies, television, and music are beginning to do nothing for them, and in no way satisfies their spiritually ascending hunger. They desire higher vibrational forms of this...or nothing at all. Part of the awakening process is becoming aware of the illusion that they are watching the same mindless movie over and over again. Just with a different actor, in a different environment. It's a mental trick that's no different than selling the masses the same product in a different package while convincing them that they're getting something new. These are hypnotists telling the world that this candy bar is different from and better than the last one they had because it's in a different wrapper. It isn't! Yet the public buys this over and over. Getting you to keep eating the candy is the only true goal....and it's the same candy. Ascending fruits is what they don't want you to have.

Understand that Ascensionminds calls it "Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions", rather than "reviews" because suggestions is what we're giving, even though we are giving a small review as well. But reviews generally inform you if a movie is good or bad, and will have both types. Ascensionminds is only revealing movies that may serve those who are in an ascending state, and are simply getting nothing out of the mindless entertainment scheme of the lower forces. Our purpose is to give our suggestions and reviews on entertaining movies for the ascending mind. Our reviews have nothing to do with the illusion of time, so they are not restricted to newly released movies. The truth is...there just aren't that many movies for those ascending to the higher vibrational frequency. We're not simply talking about these days...but in the entire history of movie making itself. This scheme was designed to keep them busy busy busy and asleep. But you can flip the script on the lower forces and become the master of the very tool created to make you descend...and use it as a tool to ascend. So we're doing nothing more than suggesting movies that may be worth seeing to some who enjoy a good movie of a higher frequency.....and reviewing why.

Keep in mind that watching movies with an ascended state of mind is as vital as watching the movie itself. If one offers gold to a soul that has no conscious awareness of what gold is, that gold will be worthless to them. They may be homeless living on the street corner in a card board box. But giving them enough gold to buy 100 mansions will do nothing for them if they have no conscious awareness of what gold is. They won't be capable of seeing it...even when it's sitting directly in their face. They’ll remain in that box, and the gold will find its way to someone who is conscious of it. So in our movie suggestions we'll be giving a review of why we're suggesting each movie we suggest, and the ascended perspective one can view it in, which makes it much more entertaining while serving you as movies that can help raise your vibration. So we hope you enjoy our movie suggestions.


Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions 

Number one ~ The Matrix

The first of our suggestions is one most have seen, but is certainly worth seeing for those who haven't. Not to mention worth seeing again for those who have. This would be The Matrix. We suggest this movie, because not only is it entertaining, and full of action for those who enjoy well as drama. It's an intellectual film that corresponds to reality as well for those who are deep thinkers. This movie takes place in a digital world designed to keep people unconscious to who and what they really are, while keeping their desire to blindly serve the forces behind this illusive matrix world awake. Basically.....slaves that are completely unaware that they're slaves. If it sounds a bit like it corresponds with reality to those of you ascending in consciousness...that's because it does, and is a movie worth seeing for those who haven't. The sequel to this movie "The Matrix Reloaded" is another one worth seeing, and full of inspirational entertainment. The story line as well as the action is very unique, and this movie has served to open a great deal of consciousness in the world. It's the foundation of the word "matrix" itself being used so often by ascending ones.

The third movie in this trilogy is one we'd suggest skipping on, and where this series goes south. Not only does it lack the same action packed thrills as the first two... but it lacks the intellect as well. If you've seen the first two, you can get excited about seeing the third and will wait from the start of the movie to the end for the good part to happen...which obviously never does! It seems to have been made for nothing more than commercial purposes to bring in money. And greed always destroys art. People enjoy a movie because it's done with heart. The pure love of creating with very little concern of money involved. This is the beautiful nature of the pure artist. And pure art is what people love! They suggest to all to go see it, and it naturally makes money without even trying. Movie companies then see that it made money and now has a name...and big money to the movie makers for a sequel is what they offer. Before you know it, the pure love and naturally flowing heart used to make the first movie is gone, and the pressure to meet a date and force another script takes its place resulting in garbage and a form of artistic rape. So we'd suggest sticking with the first two if you haven't seen them. They're great movies for entertainment & consciousness. But skip part 3! Since these movies are parts in a series, we won't count the 2 we suggested as the first 2 of our suggestions, but will simply acknowledge them together as our first suggestion.



Number 2 ~ Kung Fu Panda


If you enjoy animation, this is a good movie to see if you can watch it through deeper eyes. It's a fun story about a character people would least expect to end up being the great one...ending up being the great one! If one can watch this movie through deeper eyes, it can certainly teach a lesson or two about prejudging individuals. One shouldn't judge it by the fact that it's animation. It actually does have some pretty wise quotes and significant lessons. It's a good movie for one who wants to pass the time in an enjoyable way with something that's fun and not totally mindless. Though the main character (Po) can seem pretty brainless at times, it's not a brainless movie in the least, and one worth seeing for children and adults. A sequel was made to this movie as well, and unlike many sequels, it matched the quality of the first. So if you like the first, Kung Fu Panda 2 is worth seeing as well.



Number 3 ~ Cocoon

The third movie on our list is Cocoon. This is an older movie released in 1985, but a good movie to see for those who want to tune into something higher. We actually don't want to give away too much about this movie for those who may not have seen it, but it's certainly not a brainless waste of time. It's an entertaining movie one can take lessons from as well. This includes those about judging others, and trust. So even though we don't wish to give away too much about this movie for those who haven't seen it and may be interested, we will say that it's about friends who discover something, and in the process discover something about themselves. One can live an entire life and never look at the stars and realize the magic that's always been out there. For's never too late, no matter what age or condition of the body. We'd suggest this movie for those vibrating on a higher level. And if you're a Lightworker or Starseed born after the release of this movie, it's one worth seeing if you haven't. In no way is this a guarantee that you'll like this movie, but it does offer more than mindless entertainment. Keep in mind that this movie was made before the sophistication of the digital age and modern computer effects, but is a fun movie to watch for the open minded.



Number 4 ~ How To Train Your Dragon

Number 4 on our list is How To Train Your Dragon. This movie doesn't have some deep hidden secrets, or words of wisdom, but it does have some lessons in it that are extremely factual. This especially applies when it comes to judgment, false information, and awakening to realizations. Not to mention mythical creatures that our ascending world will find out are more than myths. There are no deep quotes of wisdom in this movie, and it's actually filled with a lot of simplicity. But sometimes simplicity can be the deepest lesson of all. If one can view this movie with their ascended mind, they can actually find it to be quite uplifting and spiritual. There's nothing in life that isn't within you, and sometimes what we think is the enemy is nothing more than a mirror of ourselves. When both sides awaken to this, it's quite often that the How-to-train-your-Dragon enemy becomes ones best friend. Another great lesson in this movie is that sometimes one has to choose between family and right & wrong. To put it in simpler terms, sometimes one has to choose between those they love, and their own journey and path. One's own journey and path is always the correct choice for every soul, and if those they love truly love them in return. They'll understand this. And this is why How To train Your Dragon is number 4 on our list.



Number 5 ~ Brainstorm

Number 5 on our list is Brainstorm. This is another one of those movies where Brainstorm- we don't want to give too much away, but will say it's certainly worth seeing for ascending minds. This is another older movie released in 1983 starring, Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood. If you haven't seen it, it's worth see for the spiritual mind. It's a movie about researchers who tap into a way to record the experiences of people, then replay them seeing and feeling the exact experiences those people had when it was recorded. When such devices are created, there are always those who see the potential for using these types of technology for other purposes that can be pleasurable, or destructive. Imagine experiencing what others have done, felt, and thought...on a sexual, intellectual, criminal, or Christ conscious level. The truth is...the Christ conscious level is usually the last to enter the average person's mind. In the process of activating this technology, they end up finding out that there's far more to life than what meets the eye. One of the things and reasons we highly recommend this movie, and hope those who do decide to see it remember while watching, is that this technology and far more already exists. We're not talking about in some technological device scientists have come up with...but within your own dna. And this is why Brainstorm is number 5 on our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list.



Number 6 ~ The Rise of Planet of the Apes

Number 6 on our list is The Rise of Planet of the Apes. This movie makes our list because it actually does correspond to the awakening of consciousness, and the masses of earth are treated very much like the apes by certain hidden forces. The main character of this movie named "Caesar" is raised by a human living a happy day to day life, and possesses a big heart with true love for those who've raised him, but as time moves on, he realizes there are pieces missing in his life, and that most humans are not as loving as those who've raised him. He simply begins to awaken. We suggest this movie as a worth see for those who haven't seen it, because even though people aren't chimps, this movie corresponds (without a doubt) to the human experience. There have been many born into your world in the past that have played the corresponding role of Caesar. You know them as The Ascended Masters. And in this current time, you know them as the Lightworkers, and Starseeds. They are awake when everyone else sleeps. They see what the masses don't, and they're conscious while their fellow beings sleep. If you are here and aware of ascension, then watching this movie may very much be like watching a story about yourself. And this is why The Rise of planet of the Apes is number 6 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list.



Number 7 ~ Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Number 7 on The Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This is another older movie which came out in 1973. It's not a big Hollywood movie filled with modern day special effects, but it's a must see for the ascending spiritual mind. For those who don't know the story and have never seen it, we "HIGHLY" recommend this movie. This is not a movie for the shallow minded in the least. If you are on the ascension path of raising your vibration and have seen this movie before, prior to consciously being on this Journey to conscious ascension...we suggest seeing it again. You will not be looking at the same movie, because you'll be viewing it from a different level of consciousness. This movie is like poetry for the open heart mind, and takes one on a soul journey the viewer should take seriously. It's a story told through a seagull and the lessons of flight, but the words of wisdom in this movie are words of a deeper ascended spiritual truth. For those who are at peace and patient, this may be a great movie for you. But this is a movie for those on the vibration raising ascension path that already have a deeper level of understanding, and an open mind.



Number 8 ~ Star Wars

Number 8 on our movie suggestions is Star Wars. When we say "Star wars"..we don't mean the last 3 Star Wars movies that were made...and we do not recommend those movies. We mean the first 3 Star Wars movies that were made. This would be, Star Wars ~ The Empire Strikes back ~ .. & Return of the Jedi. If we had to suggest one of the three for you to watch, it would be "The Empire Strikes back"! If you haven't seen this movie because you're a younger Lightworker or Starseed born with the second or third generation wave of Starseeds and Lightworkers, we'd simply say "see it!", because it is a worth see. We'd also suggest watching this movie with the conscious awareness that something very similar actually did happen. But the galaxy wasn't far far away. It was your galaxy...the Milkyway. This isn't to say other galaxies a long time ago far away haven't had their adventurous stories, because they certainly have. Even in galaxies that are no longer around or existed before this one. But this movie may very well trigger something within when watching it..even memories. If you've seen the most recent Stars Wars movies made, and feel you're not interested because you saw those. We'd suggest ignoring those feelings, and using the force. What in your real world is often referred to as Source, Prana, Chi..or simply the Creator, and see what it tells you about giving those movies a shot and watching them, because the last 3 Star wars movies made did not make our movie suggestion list, nor do we even relate them to the first 3 made. If one would like to feel the aura of something deeper with more substance, then these (Star Wars ~ The Empire Strikes back ~ Return of the Jedi) are the movies worth seeing.



Number 9 ~ The Karate kid

Number 9 on the Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list is The Karate Kid. This is another older movie, and a remake of this movie was recently done. So we'd like to make it clear that when we say "The karate kid"...we are talking about the original movie, and not the remake. These are two totally different movies with totally different characters with totally different trainers and stories. The remake seems to have been made with no other purpose than to use the name to draw in the crowd. This is not to say that the remake may not be entertaining for some, but it lacks the spiritual bond, originality, and wisdom of the original. A youngster who has reached puberty, has hormones that have been activated, and is old enough to drive, is far far different from one that hasn't and isn't. Just as a trainer who fought in war, is certain of himself... and is full of wisdom and fearlessness is far different from one who hasn't and isn't.

This movie is an incredible movie for those who've found the Ascended Master's Classes, because they will view it from a perspective those who aren't in ascension vibration training won't. And if this movie was before your time because you're a younger Lightworker or Starseed...we'd say to you once again. This movie is a worth see! It's full of wisdom, and can teach great lessons about wisdom, and how what one does daily can change their level of being without them having any conscious awareness of it. Until one day something sparks a level of awareness within them that causes them to realize they've been on the right path all along. This is a story about two souls destined to meet and give each other reason and meaning in life, because a teacher is no teacher without a student...and a student is no student without a teacher. It's full of many lessons, from discipline and will power, to honor, words of wisdom, bonds...and trust. Characteristics needed for one ascending and raising their vibration. Not to mention some very fun moments too. Because of this, The karate Kid is number 9 on our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list.



Number 10 ~ Avatar

Number 10 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions, is Avatar. We highly recommend this movie because there is great wisdom in it, and it does correspond with spiritual reality. Your bodies truly are avatars, and it would be wise to watch this movie resonating with this truth. By "avatar", we mean a biological machine that's not you, but simply a vehicle designed for your mind to direct, and your spirit wheel in order to have an experience. It's not the first one you've had.....and it won't be the last! There really are such magical worlds in our Universe, with beings having such magical forms. And experiencing these avatars are options you'll have as you raise your vibrations and ascend. One of the things that's vital in watching this movie, is to be certain that you watch it with your ascending mind, because there's a great deal of truth in it.....and the possibilities are factual. There are those in the higher realms that have access to more than one avatar, and can change them like one putting on clothing from their closet. Imagine being able to slip into different bodies as easily as one putting on different garments. As we rise into the higher dimensions…these avatars become more and more sophisticated and pleasant to experience. Some can simply take on any form one thinks. For the ascending mind.....watching this movie is far more enjoyable when understanding this truth. This is a movie which takes place on another world, and gives one with a disabled body the chance to experience what it's like to be in the form of one of these beings that live in this world he has journeyed to from earth to experience. Like most of the movies on our list...there are awakenings, realizations, and choices to be made by the main character, just as there are in your real life. This is a great movie in realizing that you are not the body, and the ascension process you're taking on while bringing your current body with you is not about taking your body with you. It's about mastery. This movie can certainly assist your ascension mind in the process of the realization of these things. And because of this....Avatar is number 10 in our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions list.



Number 11 ~ Limitless

Number 11 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Limitless. This is a story about a man who isn't doing so well in life. His relationships as well as work situation is on the down side and falling apart when he's given a pill which gives him the ability to access 100% of his of his brain capacity. limitless Need we say more? This is a movie simply worth watching with an ascended state of mind. There's no need to say more as far as the story unfolds, because for this particular movie, saying more about the story would take away from the entertainment value. But for the awakening soul, it's wise to watch this movie with certain considerations, and questions. For one, why are people closed off from accessing the full capacity of their natural brain power? It's why don't they have access to this natural part of themselves which they're meant to have access to? There's an answer to this.

The other thing the ascending soul may notice when watching this movie from the ascending aspect of their true self, is that even though one has greater potential when accessing the full capacity of their brains, it will become obvious for the soul to clearly see that they are not the body or brain, and that wisdom is something beyond the brain. It's a part of a higher aspect of one that's not physical. The world sees the brain as something that drives the body. What's vital to understand is that something else within which isn't the brain or physical at all is driving the brain. The full capacity of the brain doesn't mean one is going to make wise decisions. Just as one having a great memory, or knowing how to calculate vast numbers in an instant doesn't mean they're going to do something wise with that ability. Spiritual wisdom comes from the non physical spirit...not from the brain. For one to have access to the full capacity of their brain is equal to one having a super jet. It doesn't mean they'll know how to fly it properly simply because they own...and have the keys to it. The wise soul who knows how to pilot that brain with mastery...isn't in the brain at all.

The final thing to view this movie with the understanding of is this. This is a story about a man who gains access of the full capacity of his brain through the use of a pill which activates the natural dormant functions of the brain (which all souls have)....through an unnatural method. He needs a pill to do it. In your real don't!'s a natural part of your brain. To access it.....all you have to do is get natural.



Number 12 ~ K-PAX

Number 12 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is K-Pax. This is the story of a man (Prot) who ends up in a mental hospital. Finding out who this man truly is becomes the quest of his psychiatrist ..especially since Prot (played by Kevin Spacey) claims to be from another world. With such claims, his psychiatrist naturally thinks the mental institution is exactly where Prot belongs. But it's not long before Prot's psychiatrist (played by Jeff Bridges) begins to question his own beliefs as to whether or not Prot actually is from another planet, as Prot begins to display the characteristics of one who is highly intelligent, evolved and unique...rather than simply crazy. For the ascending mind, this movie is entertaining, and full of wise truths. It clearly teaches a lesson about the illusions that come from those who only look with their eyes. It's a world where people are constantly paying more attention to the physical illusions of packages... rather than the spiritual truth of what's inside them. It teaches the lesson of how wise it is to use the heart mind, as patients in the mental hospital see more using their hearts..than the ones with degrees who are only using their heads. Because of this, K-Pax is number 12 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions.



Number 13 ~ Powder

Number 13 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Powder. We suggest this movie for the sake of perspective and heart more so than any lessons. Powder is a story about a unique character trying to find a place in a world where he clearly does not belong. It's not the earth itself that's the problem for Powder, but rather the ignorance of the souls dwelling on her surface.

Yet we recommend this movie for those on the Ascension path to think on. How would you deal with Powder? Would you see him as a gift to the world? Few in this movie did. Powder is a character with many abilities, who doesnt always have full control over them, yet has a pure heart. And heart along with inner questions is why we recommend this movie. Is powder one who shouldn't be in this world, or one who was meant to be? Does he want to get away from people because he is physically different or mentally? And would he have been full of joy for people who encouraged him to master what he was with love? Would he have done so...and then used his gifts to help the world ascend? The answers to such questions are easily answered within, and great for the wise Ascending mind to ponder on, and because of this Powder is number 13 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions.



Number 14 ~ Little Buddha

Little Buddha is number 14 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions, and the name says enough. It's a story about Tibetan Buddhist monks looking for the child who is the reincarnation of Buddha. This movie displays scenes of Prince Siddhartha (played by Keanu Reeves) prior to his reaching enlightenment, and follows his journey to becoming the fully conscious one the world refers to as "Buddha".

This movie is great for those raising their vibrations. In many ways it's like watching two movies in one. There's the story of the candidates, which are 3 different children that are believed to possibly be the reincarnation of the enlightened one, but ultimately it's Prince Siddhartha most are watching this movie to see. We need not say more. For the wise who are awakening in consciousness and understand what they're looking at..what you're ultimately watching this movie to see....makes it a movie worth seeing it for. And this is why little Buddha has made our Ascensionminds Movie suggestions.



Number 15 ~ WALL~E

Number 15 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Wall~E. This is a simple, yet very unique story. If you haven't seen this movie, and you're interested in something different, relaxing and fun, then this could be the movie for you. Wall-E is an animation film that's enjoyable for all ages. This is a story about a robot, and if one isn't familiar with this character, it's possible that they may think... "a story about a robot? How good can it be?", yet if you have an open heart, this movie may surprise you. It's not a deep complex film, yet it is a bit of a paradox, because sometimes the simplest things can be the deepest of all. We mentioned "heart " because heart is exactly what this movie is about. You could say..."It's a love story" because it's a movie about heart. The Ascensionminds crew has a term we like to use concerning what love has the ability to achieve. We like to call it "Love power", and Wall-E gives the viewers an idea of what love power can do, and how it can fuel the will.

We don't want to give away too much about this movie for those who haven't seen it and may want to give it a shot. Spoiler is not something we desire to be in giving you an idea of why we suggest this film. But we will say it's a "good feel" movie that displays one of the most important things needed in ascending, and that important thing we're speaking of is "heart", and how it can uplift the circumstances of things and souls around it without even trying.

An awakening of consciousness does occur in this movie due to Wall-E's fueled drive in his heart of innocence. You could say a form of ascension as well. And even though this is just animated fiction, in no way is Wall-E simple mindless entertainment. The magic of this journey caused by a fueled heart is something the viewer should take seriously with joy. It shows how love has the power to create a trigger effect that can affect all souls, because nothing in this movie would have occurred if it wasn't for the heart of one little robot. He should be nothing more than an old piece of metal junk compared to the newer modern robots. But Wall-E possesses something they don't. "Love Power"! And because of this Wall-E, is number 15 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions.



Number 16 ~ Fallen

Number 16 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Fallen. fallen
Fallen (starring Denzel Washington) is an excellent thriller for teaching those on the path of Ascension. Teaching one to see beyond the physical eyes is the lesson in it. Fallen was released in 1998 and is worth seeing because of the importance of the message and mental training it delivers in these times. That's if you enjoy thrillers. Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions serves the purpose of providing awareness of entertainment that's also beneficial to your ascending mind and spirit. Especially entertainment that provides useful lessons needed for application in life. Fallen is one of those movies that serves this purpose. Returning to reread the review if you actually watch many of these movies could be a good idea for some as well. It can serve the purpose of solidifying the lesson, because Fallen has an extremely vital one.

Denzel Washington plays the part of detective John Hobbes in this supernatural thriller. Hobbes helps capture a serial killer named Edgar Reese, whose fate is to experience the gas chamber. fallenIronically Reese isn't very disturbed with his inevitable fate. Without giving away any spoilers for those who wish to see this movie; we'll simply say there's a good reason for Edgar's lack of concern, and more to him than Hobbes can begin to fathom. The reason the lesson in this film is so vital in these times is because people going by what we see with their eyes has been the foundation for the slow levels of ascension for so many.

There are parasitical forces in this world that don't operate on the physical level. They simply operate through it. Like putting on a red glove, taking it off... then putting on a yellow one. Next comes the black, brown, and blue one. We live in a world where many dwell in their lower state of mind. Their focus is the glove instead of the hand inside it. Lack of the comprehension of this spiritual truth is the foundation to the foolishness of racism.


The ability of the lower parasitical forces to jump from one package to the next is the great deception that has hindered so many. Not only in the form of the physical body, but even with organizations, spiritual frauds, and politics.

These parasites and astral vampires love to infiltrate groups and individuals, suck them dry of their resources then move on undetected. Spiritually the parasite is a Christian one moment, a New Ager then next, a Lightworker after that, back to a Christian once again until there's nothing left to feed on after that. If a new title arises that captures the minds of people they'll claim to be that too. In reality they're none of these things. They're just vampires hopping from one package to the next while feeding. However they only go undetected to the blind, while fearing those with sight. fallen-3Preying on the blind is how they feed. For one to choose to be a democrat because they feel republicans are evil, or republican due to feeling the democrats are, will always lead to failure in the end. When a parasite uses up all the resources of one side (causing public distrust) it'll simply jump to the next party to do the same in a seesaw game that'll go on and on. It will continue until people learn to see with their ascended minds...rather than their physical eyes.

Fallen is number 16 of our Ascensionminds movie suggestions, because this is the correlating lesson it delivers. To watch it strictly for entertainment from a layman's perspective is one thing. To watch it with an ascended state of mind with an awareness of the law of correspondence is another.



Number 17 ~ Alita Battle Angel

Number 17 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Alita Battle Angel. Alita Battle Angel is a film directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron about a cyborg with a very human brain found in a scrap yard. Fortunately she's found by the right person proving to be far more than a piece of leftover scrap. This is a movie that says quite a bit when it comes to spirituality and Ascension. It's also a movie we'd like to remain as spoiler free as possible for those who haven't seen it.



The corresponding magic of this movie to those who truly are light warriors on this planet is that Alita's put back together by Dr Dyson Ido (who she considers her father) and awakens in this world with no memory of her former life. She simply has an innate desire for standing against injustice and protecting the innocent with no awareness of why. Alita's a bit of a paradox though, since she's the extreme of sweet, loving and innocence...yet a wrecking machine when it comes to defending those she loves.

Have you ever wondered how more than one child can be born to the same parent, (Treated and raised exactly the same) yet be totally different in character from their siblings? Naturally there are those who don't always treat their children the same. However the average decent parent does...and the average decent parent's what we're referring to right now. What is it that makes one sibling raised and treated the same so different from the next? What makes one have an attraction towards and possess (seemingly natural) gifts in music, science, business, (the arts in general) or even combat...and the other not? Have people considered a history before this world with innate characteristics from the previous lifetime experiences? Remembering is what Alita Battle Angel's about. Being born to remember is what every human being's life's about. The irony is they're born..and forget. Those who come to Ascensionminds come to remember. Alita Battle Angel is a wakeup call for those willing to watch it with their ascended awareness.

There are many great lessons in this movie, not to mention it's an entertaining visual work of art for those who can appreciate the genre. Yet we'll leave the lessons of love, loyalty, honor and courage up to the viewer to digest. However there's one lesson every Lightworker should remember. In every scrapyard dwells something priceless the sleeping minds of the world can't see, for no other reason than the simple fact that they've forgotten how. Can you remember? Would you like to learn how?



Number 18 ~ Lucy

Number 18 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Lucy. Lucy (starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman and Amr Waked) is a story about a woman who is kidnapped and accidently intakes an excessive amount of an experimental drug during this struggle.

This is another film we'd like to give away as few spoilers as possible in suggest. Yet it's relevant we make this clear again. So what we have to say concerning this film will be different from most on our Asensionminds Movie Suggestions list. This is more about giving you a perspective that may inspire you to watch it (if you haven't) if this perspective resonates with you. Especially since this movie has had so many mixed reviews and attacks. Even those who've enjoyed this movie in their reviews also enjoy throwing out attacks on what they believe isn't factual in it on a scientific level. Basically they've heard some scientists make some claims & they go along with it ( without actually knowing) to sound smart. So we'll give our perspective.

Ascensionminds has nothing to do with the views of others. We mention this due to Lucy receiving quite a few condescending views from scientific narcissists who truly feel they know the capabilities of the human brain. Many also believe they use 100% of their brain according to their own inaccurate studies.

They confuse the potential to use, with literal using. Making the claim that this is the claim of science is proof of their inaccuracy since Einstein and Bore is (obviously) factual proof scientist don't all agree. Those who'd make such claims are the types who'd love to read this and debate, which is exactly what a scientist only using 10 percent of their brain would do. In reality very few even use that much. As for those in the field of science claiming humans use 100% of their brains?

We'll simply say (according to their logic) they should pack it up and go home since they've reached their peak. Science with the world has reached their full mental capacity making it incapable (according to their logic) of any more growth. It's obvious these individuals believe such things as telekinesis, telepathy, and remote viewing is impossible, and that Tesla was a delusional idiot for getting his greatest technological revelations through his dreams. Even though they use that very technology to spew their inaccurate opinions as facts, when indeed they're not. Ironic isn't it?

Know that in no way is this an attack on science, since plenty of scientists who disagree are well aware of the fact that human beings haven't even touched the surface of what the human brain is capable of. These are the wise scientists, and programs funded by governments around the world, is proof they obviously agree. Without giving away too many spoilers...we'll simply say this. Lucy is a dramatic action adventure sci fi story about a young woman who taps the unknown regions of the brain. To break it down in a nutshell, the brain is a gateway to the greater aspect of the real immortal you. Lucy is a story about a woman who discovers hers.



Number 19 ~ Dejà~Vu

Number 19 of our Ascensionminds Movie Suggestions is Déjà Vu, starring Paula Patton , Val kilmer, and Denzel Washington who plays the lead role of (Doug Carlin) an ATF agent on a mission to stop a terrorist attack and save the life of a woman who's already been killed. This is a movie about time, space, determination, love..and déjà vu.

In the process of investigating this case, Doug's exceptional skills land him a job with a newly formed investigative team. To Doug's surprise he's introduced to a top secret piece of technology the team uses known as "Snow White". Or perhaps we should say his investigative skills make him smart enough to figure out what it really is. Snow white has the ability to see 102 hours in the past. Unlike your average time travel movie, Déjà~Vu is a twist from what the average movie watcher would expect.

In the process of this investigative team watching Claire Kuchever 102 hours in the past, that's simultaneously occurring, Doug develops feelings for this (soon to be) murder victim. This leads to him participating in bending the very fabric of time & space, with the hopes of changing her future. The twist is her future has already occurred, and (ironically) is yet to happen. Time is a question we here at Ascensionminds have been asked about and this is a good movie to watch for those interested in our answers. Most who ask us are interested in learning how to use it, and this movie's a good start. You could say there's quite a bit the ascended mind can consider watching this film. Not simply about time, space, wormholes and déjà vu.. but the fact that (you could say) Doug attracts everything that happens to him as well. We usually don't use the word "attraction" here at Ascensionminds, but for those unfamiliar with our lessons concerning this topic, we'll use terminology you're familiar with for this particular movie suggestion.

Make no mistake about it, this is a movie where the microcosms have to be paid attention to because everything said in this movie actually matters in this story. Nothing in this script is done for the sake of simply passing time. They're all pieces that matter in putting together this time traveling puzzle. Love is usually the foundation and fuel for those who desire to plunge into the world of time travel. It's that thing that gives a person that extra push to do more than simply ponder upon taking the journey. It's that fuel that causes one to actually engage in taking it. Déjà vu is a story about a man given that extra fuel. How many people desire to time travel simply to look at the sky? It's usually based on an outcome they'd like to change. From friends, to family members, to intimate is usually involved.

So does the time machine get you there? Is it really the technology? Or is the real time machine your spiritual heart? Is the real time machine the will, desire, and intensity of what you feel? What you cause yourself to feel? There's an important (real life) secret here for those who can figure it out. And this is why Déjà vu is number 19 of our Ascensionminds movie suggestions.



Number 20 ~ Starman

Released in 1984, "Starman" is number 20 on our Ascensionminds movie suggestions list. We'll do our best to give you a concept of what this movie's about without giving away too many spoilers. Let's start by saying Starman's a story about a message & invitation to extraterrestrial life that's accepted. This would be the message from the golden record sent with Voyager so many of you are familiar with. The Greetings from it in all the languages of Earth with an invitation to "come and see us some time" (as said in the movie) is the foundation to this extraterrestrial's visit. Naturally this becomes an emotional ride from fear and confusion to..? Well, we'll let those of you who haven't seen it experience that part of the film spoiler free.

Jenny Hayden (played by Karen Allen) has to drive the extraterrestrial visitor (played by Jeff bridges) to a rendezvous point within three days or he'll die. What begins as a kidnapping in Jenny's mind doesn't end in the same manner, and often these movies are quite predictable. However Starman differs from the others. For one...there's a reason Jenny's emotions are so unpredictable in this movie. This isn't your average extraterrestrial visitor for Jenny. He's a reminder of something in her life that becomes an extremely paradoxical spiritual lesson. This movie's full of many lessons for the spiritually ascending mind, and the fact that the body is nothing more than a shell is one of them. For Jenny the lesson is, the same type of vehicle can have a totally different driver. For those who don't know what this means? You will if you've never seen this movie and decide to watch it.

The other reason Starman differs from the because Starman's an original. It's one of those movies that's the foundation to the rest. This film's not being like those predictable movies. Those predictable movies are being like this film.

How things begin is not how they end. Being an older film, the special effects aren't the cg effects of today. Nevertheless, Starman is a fun movie.. beneficial for the consciousness of those seeking light hearted pastime fun. Another lesson in this movie for ascending minds is the lesson of relationships and love. This is a good one for appreciating the one you're with if you're already in a harmonious relationship. It's also a great lesson for those seeking one. So many on their spiritual journeys these days seek their twin flames and soul mates. The truth is most simply desire someone to openly share what's already within them. True love often comes when one least expects. It's not about seeking. It's about what you open yourself up to, and this is why Starman is number 20 of our Ascensionminds movie suggestions.