Many new gifts will be accompanied with ascension. These include the dissipation of lack and poverty. They also include telepathy on a cosmic as well as earthly level. The ability to manifest your desires, and see energy as an awakened being. All is alive in this state, and immortality is lived as reality.

The truth that "All is energy" will no longer be a spiritual term used by New Agers and metaphysical people. It will be a visible conscious reality. It is now "hardcore reality", and those things we once thought of as reality has become the illusion. At this point we see and understand the cause of all visible things. We acknowledge and see the Creator, giving us the ability to instantly manifest creation.

All that is, is a manifestation of mind. No? Where do you think the screen you're viewing at this very moment came from? It was thought of in ones mind, then made a reality for you to use. Where do you think the concept of getting access to this screen you now view came from? Your mind. Where do you think the home you live in came from? How about the clothing you wear? What about that song, film, or book you read? How about your next meal, bath, conversation or thought you think? Understand the next time you brush your teeth, that the idea or habit of brushing them came from your mind, and the very tooth brush you use came from the mind of another, while the idea of buying it to use it came from yours. And as you look in your mirror with the hopes of seeing pearly whites, understand that the idea of doing so came from your mind, and the mirror you're using to do it with came from the mind of another.

We could go on and on, for every step you take and all things you do or observe being done is a manifestation of mind. If not from yours, then from another for yours to build on. If you began to look at created things that surround you and wonder, "who was the person made these shoes I wear?", or "pants I have on, underwear I'm wearing, tv I'm watching, car I'm driving, bus I'm on, building I'm in, food I'm buying?".. you'll begin to understand that you are surrounded by the manifestations of minds you'll never meet, yet have blessed your life. And all of these manifestations of minds were propelled by an unseen energy.

Union with this will rank amongst the greatest of your ascended gifts. We will have access to creations we can't begin to imagine, and love will be a given. The Universe will become your home, and the concept of viewing stars as something "Out there" will diminish with the awakened understanding that "you" are a part of "out there".  Mother Earth does not sit on a floor somewhere while the stars hover above it. She hovers with them. You will be a fully conscious being who's aware of this, and an ascended mind.