What is oneness? Why is it so important for ascending minds? We’ve all heard of terms like "we are one", and "treat people the way you like to be treated ". Why is this significant? Let us explain in this manner.

What if you could have any material thing you wanted? We don't mean anything as in manifesting money, a new car or homes like in The Secret. We mean "Anything" as in anything you can imagine. What if entire worlds would appear instantly if you wanted them? What if you could put on these worlds the most beautiful oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains and landscapes with any color sky you could imagine?  What if a Galaxy, or a zillion Galaxies could be yours if you wanted it? What if you could have the most beautiful mansions and castles made of diamonds, crystals and gold, with all the toys imaginable in an instant, and could go anywhere you desired in a flash?

Now what if you had all these wonderful things, but you were the only living being in all of infinity?

It is an individuals nature to play, so we would play, laugh, & smile with joy. But it wouldn't be long before all these pleasures became empty and sad. We would be a Creator feeling incomplete. As a Creator there would only be one thing that could fulfill this emptiness. There would be one thing left for you to create in order to be fulfilled, which would have to be your ultimate creation, and the most divine paradox.

You would have to create another version of you, without it being you. It would have to be able to see what you see, so it would need eyes just like yours, without them being yours. It would have to be able to smell and taste like you, so it would need a mouth and nose just like yours, without them being yours. It would need arms, legs, hands and feet, possessing every function and part you have without them being your parts. You...would have to create another version of you. This is the story of Creation, and the meaning of the term ... "Created in the image of God".

With this would come the Ultimate pleasure. All the worlds, galaxies, mansions and castles, now have reason. The smiles and laughter has the ring of fulfillment. Have you never wondered why you recommend a movie to a friend, or tell them the funny joke you heard? How about wanting them to taste something you cooked, or hear a new song you liked? What makes you think they'll like it because you liked it? Their taste buds aren't yours, nor are their eyes or ears. You do this with your fellow beings because it's your natural origin to seek the you in me, and me in you. You seek that version of you that isn't you, and with this we touch a part of ourselves through another. When we find one who can taste what we taste, and see the same humor in a joke we see, or hear the same beauty in a song we love...we find a part of ourselves in that person. The mirrors we see ourselves best in is not the ones in our bed or bathrooms.  It's the ones that reflect in the eyes and reactions of our fellow beings. When they reflect well, they become our friends, lovers, and children. It's the very thing that makes us cringe in pain when we see another hurting with a broken limb, in spite of the fact that it's not our limb. Seeing a nail in ones foot can often make us grab our own. It's also what makes us want to help another, and enjoy the feeling of another feeling great. This joyous feeling of fulfillment we get from this is the meaning of "Oneness".

This is significant as we ascend into fully conscious beings, because we will consciously live this joy and understanding with one another, as well as our plant life and our animal kingdom. We will also awaken to the reality that this joyous connection of oneness is the truth with our neighboring worlds and beings that dwell on them as well.  With this ascension comes the awakened understanding that every living being is in you, and you are in every living being. This is oneness.