Raising vibrations is significant in our ascension process, because it helps the transition to the 5th dimension. You are free to research and apply any methods which resonate with your soul, but we will offer a few tips to assist in this process

Water, always helps raise our vibrations, especially when energized with intents. Place the intents of ascension in it when energizing your water, and feel it being released within your system when drinking it. Think of it as a 5th dimensional power drink, and it will become that. It's also a wonderful exercise to close your eyes while drinking, and imagine your energized water being loving light permeating every part of your system as it goes down and spreads out.








Organic Vegetables and fruits are always good for raising our vibrations. These are natural foods that vibrate high. Enjoying some celery, a carrot, or piece of fruit as a snack helps a great deal in ascension as well, because these foods are alive and natural healers. Fruit is a very important one, because it actually is your most natural vibration raising food which is designed and already prepared for consumption by Universal nature. This nature is what we lost when we left our natural fruitarian state. There's a reason vegetarian animals don't have fangs...nor do we. Understand that the purpose of consuming food is to actually take in energy. This energy is not physical...only the container of it is. The container of it is a host..nothing more! This is why you release the containers once the energies they host have been transferred into your being.

As physical as your 3d world may seem, it isn't moved by the physical at all, and to understand food, you must understand energy. Your entire life is and always has been moved by unseen energy since the day you were born. It's not the energy or what your physical optics weren't capable of picking up that made it unseen. It's our minds and false education that has. For those who don't understand this in full..do you talk? Have you ever enjoyed good music, or moved out the way when someone yelled "watch out", or honked a horn? Certainly you have if your ears function. Now...answer this..have you ever seen a sound? No? How about that air you're breathing right now that your physical body will die without having? No? You can't see it? Wow! How about a thought? Have you seen any? No one has. They're invisible. You've only seen the effects and results of them. The words you're reading right now are, just as the very screen you look at now once was. If you ever hear someone say, "look at that tornado", understand that they can't see the tornado. The thing swirling around that they're referring to isn't the tornado, because the tornado is invisible. The thing swirling around is only the debris it's sucked up into its invisible gravitational pull, just as your remote and cell phones only manifest the effects of unseen signals. Are you starting to see how much we don't see? When we awaken to these things, the unseen becomes seen, because we learn to see with our minds.

Learn to see the unseen truth behind your food too, because like all the above...they're only containers. The term "apple" (like all foods) is only the description of a container that hosts a certain type of energy. The containers of fruit are hosts of 5th dimensional energies. Eating is an option of pleasure once fully ascended to the 5th dimension, because you'll then have the ability to access energy directly from source, but until then, fruit works as a bridge until you've fully crossed that bridge. What kind of energy container is a hamburger or rare steak? Let's just say..."it's not pretty!" because each energy hosted tunes to a certain dimension, and those hosted in meats are lower than the third. So stay with vegetables, nuts, and fruits to open your 5th dimension bridge. What are these hosted energies fruit contains? They are frequencies of light. We guarantee increasing the consumption of them in your diet will raise your vibration. Just make sure you have a mind that rises with it, because the mind is the greatest vibration raiser of all. Just remember that the fruit doesn't decide to climb into your mouth and release the energy it hosts into your being. You do.

Organic Transitioning For those who've consumed meat their entire lives and decide they'd like to go organic, you should know that there's no need to torture your bodies. Get to know them. You've known your body your entire life, but we assure you with this new diet you'll discover sides of it you've never been aware of. This is a transition to self empowerment. The body becomes a door that can do amazing things as your diet ascends. However one of the biggest mistakes so many make is deciding to go cold turkey on an extreme vegetarian diet after a lifetime of eating meat, then putting themselves on a guilt trip if they eat meat after a few days on their new diet. Enjoy this process, and get to know foods (the types of containers they are) and how to prepare or combine them. The body needs certain nutrients and getting them in this manner is something you're most likely unfamiliar with. Some people can do this with no issues, however if it's a process for you that's just fine. This should be a fun process and getting to know these new foods is part of the fun. So many decide to go cold turkey and feel great for a few days or maybe even a week or two on their new diet...then get an insatiable desire for meat or a piece of cake. They then put themselves on a guilt trip, and many stop altogether from not feeling well.

Always know that there's no need to pour hot water on an ice cold glass. It'll only break the glass. So what if you ate meat everyday of your life and tried to go vegetarian, but ended up eating meat twice that week? Pat yourself on the back...you did ok. Your body needed that meat because it's used to it, and you actually ascended from what you was. Twice a week compared to daily is quite good. Remember..."Polarization not annihilation" is what we say at Ascensionminds. Even if you ate meat once a week for the rest of your life, you've ascended from it being a daily diet and will actually have a much healthier life. If you can handle going cold turkey, that's great, but for those who really love their meat yet want to go vegetarian and feel this is a task...we'll give you this key. Do three days at a time. Three days eating vegetarian and decide you'll treat yourself at the end of the third day. This way you enjoy the transition without feeling guilty. The tastiest thing about this will be your success...not the food. Once you achieve three days do another three. After a while you'll find your meat treat isn't even that yummy to you after each three days. This is when you'll start seeing just how mental it is. You couldn't wait for that third day to eat your meat but you so badly want some salad or a smoothie with it for some reason.

Enjoy the process while getting creative by seeking delicious healthy things, and this will expand your mind. Soon it's the fruits & veges that'll start being the treat to you. Then you can set the goal for a week. Perhaps a month next? Otherwise you'll become one of these people talking about how you were vegetarian or vegan and went back. Or how bad it is and how horrible you felt "blah blah blah" as so many do. They're also correct. It really was bad for them. Like crossing the street, anything is bad that we embark on without the proper knowledge. Swimming's a joy if you know how...but please don't dive in the deep end if you don't. If you survive you'll only end up telling people why they should never go in the water. Flying's a joy for a pilot who had their flight lessons...yet a bad idea for one who hasn't. Same goes for driving a car, however the good news is diet driving lessons are quite easy, and with the proper ones you'll have no desire for anything unhealthy with your meals being a total pleasure. This is the joy of polarizing, and dietary Ascension.

Meditation is vital because it provides inner peace, and the answers needed for all our issues. It's a form of stepping out of your life's stream and merging with the Source to see things clearly. Like standing on a mountain top to truly see what's going on in the valley below. On every mountain top is a sacred book of answers to all you need answers to. This book speaks to us constantly, but can often be drowned out by the 3rd dimensional activities of life. In meditation we learn to hear it clearly...even when we're not consciously meditating, this voice begins to drown out the outer illusions we once allowed to drown it out, and the direction of it causes us to start making all the right decisions, manifesting happiness, health, love and success in our life. Here we learn that it is more powerful than all the lower activities, and can transmute them into higher ones.

Prayer is a great form of raising your vibrations. Understand that when we say "prayer", we're not speaking in religious terms. In no way are we talking about habitually reciting brainwashing phrases that have nothing to do with your soul's true journey, or that have been given to you from another so that you may operate like some kind of cult following drone. As you grow spiritually in life and understand your true soul's needs, you may write and memorize your own prayers. This is vital because every soul has its own personal connection and relationship with source. As you write your own prayers, they should be said with intent, and felt. We should then carry the vibrations felt from reciting them with us as we go about our daily activities. They serve as reminders of who and what we are while helping us resonate and vibrate on the higher levels we desire to be on. There's no limit to what you can put in your own sacred prayers, which is like a resonating tuning fork with the source. If success, health, love and light is what you feel you need to obtain or sustain.. feel free to include them in your prayers as well. These raise your vibration, causing you to open the doors of access to (as well as sustain) all you desire through your prayers.

Bless Mother Earth. Understand that your energy and power is real. Your thoughts pass through all forms of matter, with the ability to latch on to any form of matter you direct it to. Do you doubt this when you can't see it? Do you doubt the signal from your remote that turns on your television? There's no wire or string attached to it leading to your television, yet this invisible signal turns it on and has your television doing all it commands. They're real. This is why those who pray for people do so, though they may not be consciously aware of how this energy works. They may be seen as unreal unseen things in our dense mental state, but they are not. They, with mind, (as spoken of in "New Gifts & Energy") are the cause of all visible realities and effects. Blessing Mother Earth not only awakens our abilities and union with her, but it assists in helping you as well as the entire world and all in it ascend. Do you think you are just one little powerless human in a world of billions? You are NOT! And once we start, we will know without a shadow of a doubt, just how powerful we are. She quite literally will hear and love your blessing. And when a tree falls your way...she will quite literally send a gust of wind to remove you from harm. She will send all of her nature spirits to protect every hair on your head, and every inch of your skin.

Forgive. Let go of all 3rd dimensional bricks (as spoken of in Forgiveness) that hold you down from your 5th dimensional state. They have no power where you're going, and the only power they can ever possess is the power of having you hold onto them. To raise your vibrations above them is to learn from them and release their ties. In no way does "Forgiveness" mean to let people walk on top of (or take advantage) of you. Sadly this is exactly what so many spiritual teachers teach, quite often because they also take advantage of those who follow them; usually in a covert manner. Forgiving does not mean to forget and act like something never happened. That is the mind of a fool. You are learning the game of life. The keys to your ascending mind entering paradise. Paradise has no fools. It's a place where all know the true meaning of the greeting Salavier. The God in me respects the God in you. To "forgive" means to not let those third dimensional bricks hold you down, and to learn from the lessons of the past. It's to not give it power over you. This is the first secret to obtaining the power over it instead.

You're forgiving them for your sake as much as theirs. Be an immovable wall of righteousness day after day. This is the nature of your true ascended self. All who oppose it trying to move the wall of righteousness you are, will eventually fall to their knees in exhaustion. The Buddha does not move....and all the illusions of mind that come his way eventually fall to their knees. One who wishes to ascend must respect the freedom of all to choose their paths in life so long as it doesn't interfere with your divine right to freely choose yours. Simply remember to always treat others they way you like to be treated. Those who need your forgiveness are usually those who have not followed this rule when it comes to you. Realize that those who need forgiveness have armed you with wisdom. The wisdom to never again have to experience whatever it is they require forgiveness for. Hold no malice toward anyone who has wronged you. You don't triumph over a beast by becoming that beast in return. All that's required is taking a stand. When you are the immovable wall of righteousness you're meant to be. Opposing forces that damage themselves by running into the naturally immovable wall you are will experience the karma of their own foolish actions. And if by chance you've been the foolish one in the past. Forgive yourself. To forgive...is to become the Master of that which needs forgiveness.

Do what makes you feel good  If it makes you feel good, then do it. If it doesn't affect or hurt another and makes you happy, then you should do it, because happiness is a higher state of being that assists in attracting all the positive things you desire in life. It lifts you up, and all things that lift you up are things that help you ascend.

Exercise is very important. Exercise gets the meridians flowing, and energizes the entire body. It lifts our vibrations considerably, and opens our channels to the higher 5th dimension. Listen to your body when exercising. It will let you know what it can do. Listen to it when it tells you to take a break too. Taking a break isn't a pause from getting the higher energies flowing. It's the absorption and digestion of them. This absorption and digestion is a form of downloading that's far more sophisticated than any man made computer. It becomes a part of your body and spirits downloaded memory. This pause is especially good at the end of a workout when it's followed up with energized water, fruit, or a healthy natural meal to replenish your body. It creates a trigger effect for all the above, making meditation, prayer, and the expression of all of your powers greater. It enhances every aspect of your life and being.

Enjoy Nature Take a walk, and breathe. Feel and enjoy the spirit of nature, and take in the fresh air. Even to simply take a step outside your front (side) or back door to take a few breaths can work wonders. Always remember that you are nature. Some robot or machine didn't give birth to you. A process of nature did. So it's wise to get in touch with the natural you. You can take a stroll in nature, or find a nice tree to read a good book under. If you pray or meditate, finding a nice private spot in nature to do so (if this resonates with you) is a wonderful thing to do. Whatever suitable ways to experience nature is great to engage in to experience it. However if by chance you're not in that situation feel free to visit our "Ascensionminds Nature sounds" page if you'd like. Or visit the Ascensionminds "A Peaceful Place" located in our conscious living lifestyle section.


Wash A shower or bath is always a frequency raiser, and there's no limit to what you can incorporate during the process of taking one. You can say a prayer, sing a song, or impregnate your water with light. High vibrating routines during your cleansing times are always a good thing. Get creative with it. Do you want success in life? Wash as though you're washing in the success. Rinse as though you're rinsing away the old while sustaining the successful new. Feel it. If you want health. Do the same. This is a type of exercise, and as we said in "Exercise", it's a form of downloading. Your thoughts are very real and affect your mind, body, and spirit. Thought is why you're washing in the first place. Thought and imagination is what created the very shower or tub you use. Someone imagined creating it. You imagine using it. It's all mind. Can you see how magical this is? It's not some fantasy. This is all real. Informing souls that washing in this manner is a good thing to do for raising your vibrations may seem like a job for some. Especially those in a rush who just want to get in the shower and out as fast as possible. It may seem like a ritual type task. In reality it's a form of play that won't be a task after doing it a few times. This should be your joy moment. Showering and bathing is a form of renewal, and before you know it you'll realize it's doing it for you all by itself. For those with patience you'll find you can bask in the glory of getting clean when you start this process. And for you speedy types, you'll find with a bit of patience that you're getting the same results while washing even faster. Therefore we suggest patience, and with it cleansing time will become a natural vibration raising ride.

Love, because love is a foundation to all. All spoken of in "Love & Light" can be applied, and you can love doing all the above. This is the highest vibration raiser of all, because it encompasses all. It's the fuel that drives us to do. Understand that love is a frequency. It's a literal vibration that's 5th dimensional in nature, and even scientific devices can read this frequency. Its central core is a motivational fuel, and this fuel is a form of power. Who do people unconditionally do for? They unconditionally do for those they love. It doesn't matter if it's their cat, dog, child, sibling or lover. They contain a certain power when it comes to those they love. The deeper they love…the deeper the power.

Know that the deepest love contains the power of wisdom. False selfish love often produces brats while the deepest true love produces inner strength within all that it loves. Momma bird doesn't push baby bird out the nest because she selfishly wants more room, or would like to have a fling with some other hot bird. She does it because she wants baby bird to develop the strength to fly. Contrary to what it may seem...it's an act of love. True love desires to empower (which means "liberate") all it loves, not drain or selfishly contain.

The activation code to love is heart. We don't activate it by walking around claiming we love everything. The term "love" is only a titled description for this energetic frequency. We can say "I love" while hating, so being is the only way to activate the true frequency of it. So how do you activate this heart code? You activate this heart code by putting your heart into things. How do you put your heart into things? Let's say baby bird fell out the nest prematurely, and you found it. You don't have to love baby bird at all. Just decide you'll raise baby bird until it's mature enough to fly on its own and fend for itself. I assure you you'll activate your heart code if you take this goal seriously.

Understand that you don't have to "try" to love at all. After mashing seeds with water to feed it daily, and watching it progress to hopping around, then flapping its wings...we assure you that you will love it. Why? Because you put your heart into it, which is all it takes to activate. Some of the hardest most heartless criminals have been through this...and you better not harm their little bird they love so much. This bird will love you too! Why? Because it put it's heart into you putting your heart into it, and you'll find it stopping by to check on you once it's grown. You can be certain that it's a visit of love, because it won't care if you have any seeds for it at all.

This frequency you tap through putting your heart into things, works with anything. Anything! So put your heart into how you sleep, eat, drink, interact with all, and have fun. To love all these things and all you engage in...is to love life. This energy can take you to the 5th with much greater ease, and is serious power. Start by loving you.

Breathing is so so very important...and so so simple. When you meditate, you learn to take deep breaths to raise your vibration. This creates a bridge to link with your higher self. Well what if you always took deep breaths? What if you walked taking them, talked taking them, and slept taking them? Then you'd always be tuned into your higher self. Yes...it's that simple. How do you do this? By doing it! Yes...it's that simple. We simply have low vibrational breathing habits. Breathe deep anytime you think of it...and you'll find yourself doing it without thinking of it at all. This energy is unseen, and this is so powerful that it can ascend you. Breathing is a form of eating energy, and when all of these tips in raising vibrations are used, you will quite literally be able to transcend the 3rd dimension, and merge into light. This is what we call "Ascension" .....and we are Ascensionminds.