T H E   T I M E   I S   N O W


A gate to the 5th dimension is opening, and you must be able to house this 5th dimensional frequency in order to ascend into it. You want to start your awakening process now, because if you don't, it will be like a ripping effect when these energies fully open up to Mother Earth, and this is something you don't want. This is why so many speak of meditating daily, and why we use this term "Awakening". You want to be open to it when it occurs by starting what we so often term "Dna Activation". It's another way of saying... " start your engines" so you're fully ready when the flag is lowered and the energies start racing in.

The time is now. For so long we have looked towards the future waiting for something magical to come. There's no need to wait for the future anymore. The time is now. The energies are here now. You're in the cosmic morphing game now. Those who've engaged in the vampirism of keeping the people of the world unconscious are in panic mode now.

So what does "The Time Is Now" mean for you? What should you do? How should you engage at this point in time?

To clear up understanding, let us explain in this manner. For long you've heard of things like quantum mechanics, or terms like "the law of attraction", and “everything is energy". We hear these terms, and listen or read for a short bit, then go back to our normal lives without putting any usage to our power to over them. Often when we do attempt to use them it ends in failure, or we're discouraged with the lack of results. These failures result from lack of understanding more so than not having the will power to stay the course. Don't be down on yourself if you've attempted to achieve things that didn't come to fruition in the past. Telling you the law of attraction exists, or that everything is energy is like telling you that you have a car and can drive it places, yet never giving you instructions on exactly how your car works, or where the gas pedal, park and ignition switch is. It's not a bad thing at all because it manifests awareness of it within you, but you still won't experience the joy of driving to the store to pick up groceries, then back home to make a healthy meal.

The Time Is Now. So how do you make use of this now?

That term....."everything is energy"? Don't just hear it being stated. Live it as reality. Deciding we want something, then giving up in a day or two if we don't notice results doesn't mean we didn't have the power to have it as a fully blossomed reality. We always did, still do, and always will. Some have held dreams their entire lives without ever seeing it come to fruition. This is because they spent their life dreaming about being it rather than being it. The dreaming part isn't bad at all. It's very important because it is the foundation to being. Dreams are our suggestion advisors of what to do and be. But we must understand that everything yin has a yang. The dream is the key in the ignition. But turning the key and actually stepping on the gas pedal is the yang so many have been missing. We often lack actually being it. Actually getting out there and doing it. We pull out the key and put it in the ignition, but never turn it. This isn't our fault. We haven't been taught about the "turning" part. But you know now....so The Time Is Now, to turn it.

"Be" what you desire. Don't concern yourself with what your eyes see, or what you have in front of you. Never say "I can't be an artist because I don't have a canvas to paint on". because I give someone a race car doesn't make them a race car driver anymore than giving someone a pencil and piece of paper would make someone a sketch artist. To be it takes inner being activation. How do you activate inner being activation? By being what you desire. An artist isn't someone who paints on a canvas. They're someone who paints. If they can't afford a canvas, they'll paint on card board, or that thing someone threw in the garbage...but they will paint, and I can assure you canvases will come, and so will that art show. It will happen if you're being it in life...and The Time Is Now, for being.

Everything is energy, so be an individual that lives as though everything is energy, and the reality of this truth will blossom in your life...and fast. Energy moves and creates all matter and situations. Start "being" this individual who lives as though everything is energy, and you'll find yourself with the power to move and manifest matter and all situations in your life. You want an ascended world? Then live like an ascended being. You want a life without fear? Then live fearlessly. For too long we've been taught that play is for children, when in reality it's our greatest power, and this foolishness is something we've been told in order to shut our greatest power down. No more! The Time Is Now for you to use your power of mediplaytion. Play! Play is easy, because play is fun. Play all day at being what you desire, and you will be it. Play all day at being an ascended one, and you will be one. Why? This is the part where it gets fun and simple. You will be it.....because you're "being it". The Time is Now to be it. Activate yourself Now!!

In our ascended world all know the Universe is alive. Stand firm in being an ascended one, and have no fear of stating that it's alive at every convenient opportunity to anyone. Support all those who stand as you do, and offer your knowledge to all who respectfully seek it. The Time Is Now for this. You have the power to talk with the plants, animals, and trees. Use it! The Time Is Now. Play at it every day....all day. Not for a day or two...but for now on, and never look back, or go back to the old you. You have the power to speak with your dog or cat without opening your mouth. Use it. The Time Is Now. Don't worry if you call them or ask them to turn around with your mind and they don't. They’re use to your mouth because you're always using it. The Time Is Now. Use your power, and you'll find them getting use to that too. They're not fully sure you're calling them yet if it's not something you usually do. Keep doing it and they will be sure. One day they actually will come, or turn around. It won't take long at all before you find them coming and turning around every time you call. But only call them when you actually need to. Don't make this a game of fun simply because you're enjoying your newly awakened power. The time to use and be all that you're capable of is now. The time to help the world enter into a new level of consciousness, by being one with a new level of consciousness...is Now! The energies to achieve this with much greater ease is here NOW!