Who are you?  What are you wearing, and why are you wearing it? Once again....who are you? It's a question that leads to other questions in order to bring you to the final answer. Are you your dreams? Are your dreams even yours, or simply possibilities presented to you that you believe are yours? Dreaming of what's been presented to you at a buffet is fine, but dreaming of succeeding at what hasn't is the greatest dream of all. People tend to find those who are in pursuit of what hasn't been done before strange. Yet once they actually come up with E=mc ², or that flying machine considered to be impossible at the time....they're remembered throughout history. So are your dreams really yours? So many dream of having money, a nice home, and starting a family. Or is that dream simply something they've been told or convinced that they should pursue? So many get these things, and find out that they didn't want them at all, as this feeling of emptiness is left within them. As nice as it may sound, you must understand that you're not here to make your parents proud, or to prove something to your neighbors and friends...nor are they worth the trouble if they desire such. The only thing that's truly impressive or worth being proud of is you being you. So who are you?

There's been much talk of activating your dna. "You must activate your dna"...which sounds no different from saying..."You must put on your shirt", because there is no difference. We say "you must put on your shirt", because your shirt is a possession of yours that's a tool, yet we all know we're not our shirts. Your dna is no different. It's not you...it's only a tool that you wear. So if you're not this dna, and it's nothing more than something you wear...who are you? Who is this something wearing this dna? This dimension you're in isn't you as well. Like your dna...it's simply something you wear. This is the truth for every dimension you'll enter in as well. So this leads us to changing the question, because the "who" in "who are you", is something you wear as well. Once answered, these answers can only lead to the real question in order to have true inner spiritual satisfaction.  That would be.."What are you?"

We're not here to give answers to what you are. So why bring it up? We're here to arouse a small fragment of activation and understanding of what you are within, because what you truly are is unbelievably vaster and more magical than most can accept. What we have done however..is provide enough pieces for you to put together the answer yourself. If your dna, as well as dimension you dwell is nothing more than something you're wearing, then you're obviously something far vaster and more fluid than the gloves you wear, just as water isn't limited to the shape of the containers it enters. At this current time you're wearing the 3rd dimension, and you desire to enter into life's cosmic dressing room and put on the 5th dimension. You know it'll look good on you, but you must make sure it fits just right. This understanding of how fluid the real you truly is makes it all that much easier to fit into.

Your cosmic dressing room differs from those you're used to only in the sense that the higher realms aren't something you have to put on, because they're already within you. The key to accessing the higher dimensions isn't putting them on, but peeling away the 3rd dimensional garments you're already wearing. Please understand that in no way are we talking about ascension cheating, suicide, drugs, or any other form of accessing or leaving this realm other than naturally merging into mind, energy, and physical vibrational oneness with your light body. At this point we open up the door of access to the 5th dimension, and assistance will be given to those who are ready.

The final case in point to make here is this one. So many speak of entering the higher, and merging into oneness by letting go of the ego and self. They use terms like... "do God's & the Universe's will". This often leads people into visions of being some kind of celestial robotic zombie no longer having a self identity. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that merging into the higher is quite the opposite. You become more self aware...not less. We tend to do what people call "God" & "the Universe's will" because we are more self aware, and not because we've given up self. The only thing we give up is the pains of the false self. We actually become so self aware...that we become aware of ourselves in every~one,and every~thing we interact with. A smile from our fellow beings becomes so much more magnified because we feel it within ourselves so much more...because we are so much more self aware. So Who Are You? Who is this individual who’ll suddenly see themselves in every~one and thing they interact with? We’re still not telling in full...but it's getting pretty obvious, and the understanding of this makes the ascension process a bit smoother.