C O S M I C ~ U N I T Y

The time has come for all on this world to become aware of the fact that not only are we not alone in the Universe, but that it's full of life. Everywhere there's a star with habitable worlds revolving around it, there is (was) or will be life. With ascension we will not only be aware of this truth, but we'll be in conscious contact with it.

We've spoken of the importance of forgiveness in order to release the bricks that hold us down into a lower dimensional existence. This forgiveness will be needed from all in this world as they awaken to the truth that we're not and never have been alone in this Universe. The reason it's needed is because the masses will soon find out that they've been lied to. Leaders across the globe have led their citizens to believe that in a Universe full of far more than billions of planets...ours (for some crazy reason) is the only one with life. Do you look at a pond with fish and think all the other ponds on the planet have no aquatic life?

This forgiveness for this foolishness will be needed from the ascending populations when they find out that not only have they known there's life through out our Universe...but they’ve been contacted by it. More forgiveness will be needed when they find out that not only have they been contacted by it, but contacted with the offer to share the unknown gifts of our Universe with all of us in order to make our lives better. This life dwells within our planet as well as the Universe.

The sooner we awaken and embrace our Universal family, the sooner everyone will be in conscious contact with them living their heart's desires. Welcoming those of true love and light takes nothing more than welcoming with love and light and accepting nothing less than love and light. The more who are aware of and do this, the faster that time will come, but it is upon us now, and will occur very soon.

We can assist in helping bring about awareness of this and our ascension process to the unaware by holding this in mind and spirit, and offering this info, or giving a nudge towards it when the times are right, for there will be perfect moments to do so with your fellow human beings, associates, friends, and even strangers. When these moments occur, your soul will know.

Know that assistance beyond what most can imagine has already been given by our Galactic families, and is being given behind the scenes around the clock. We've been through the understanding of why higher consciousness is the way it is, and offers the assistance it does in oneness, so stay tuned in to your own fields of harmony, and know the time of Cosmic Unity is upon us.